Despite his transformation, Clint City Zoo zebra, Abey, was still a little rough around the edges and spent his time making fun of all the Jungo who tried to dress so originally, calling them sheep (which Cheep wasn't so happy about). But all this teasing simply hid an unconscious love of fashion to which he didn't dare admit. The hairdresser literally had to shove a fashion magazine in his face to make him finally realize what he was missing out on. The transformation was fast and Abey then totally immersed himself in fashion design going on to become the first Jungo to specialize in haute couture. Now thoroughly enjoying his work, you might think he was now on the right track but oh no! His name calling has just changed target as now it's the Jungo who don't pay attention to their appearance who must endure his new snobbish contempt.


  • High Quality Snobbery: Do 15 Poison Damage with Abey

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  • His name and his species could be a reference to the famous zebra crossing in Abbey Road, London.

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