AdytiaLd 01.png
Clan Komboka
Bonus +1 Pillz And Life
Ability +2 Atk Per Opp Dmg
Rarity Legendary
Artist Pauline Aillet
Released May 3, 2019
Stars 2
Stats lv1 2/3
Stats lv2 6/3 (Ability activated)


As an ultra-fast, curious and fearless warrior, Adytia is the clan scout. For this child from the main island who never really grew up, Clint City is a real playground, full of materials to collect, animals to tame and humans to fight… In memory of her father, Ruvana, who died in the explosion.


Legendary (Secret Mission): Win 10 rounds with Adytia Ld

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • She is the first LD to be released before her clan, by one week.
    • She is also the fastest released LD, beating Tiwi Ld by a week.
  • On her first level, you can see a faint All Stars logo on her shorts. In her second level, there is a car door with the Junkz logo on it, and a dog with a tag of the Uppers logo.

Full Artwork

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