Clan Riots
Bonus Victory or defeat: +1 Pillz
Ability Power +3
Rarity Uncommon
Artist Claratess
Released September 16, 2016
Stars 4
Stats lv1 1/6
Stats lv2 2/6
Stats lv3 4/6
Stats lv4 6/6(Ability activated)


Agnes, the antitheist inventor, had always wanted to prove to the Alma Mater the danger posed by the Sakrohm church. Then, while she was in the process of tracking Belmundo's trips for the umpteenth time, she briefly caught sight of a large and mysterious spacecraft, hidden behind the clouds… "That’s strange", she thought to herself. "Normally the extra-terrestrials head straight for the Sakrohm sanctuary... I must warn the Alma Mater! We'll have to fuel up Rockwall as soon as possible!"


  • Shining Star: Gain 10 pillz with Agnes
  • Astronomical: Win 30 rounds with Agnes (flash mission)

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • The thing she saw in her bio is later revealed to be Hive's ship before it landed in the present.
  • Her name could be taken from the famous Hungarian philosopher, Agnes Heller.

Full Artwork

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