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PIRANAS 42 1).png
Clan Piranas
Bonus Stop Opp. Bonus
Ability Defeat: +3 Pillz
Rarity Rare/Collector
Released January 28, 2011
Retired March 08, 2021
Artist Quirkilicious
Stars 5
Stats lv 2 2/2
Stats lv 3 4/4
Stats lv 4 6/6 (Ability activated)
Stats lv 5 6/8

Ahkab Cr had always been the crew's best harpooner, never thinking twice about diving to extreme depths to bring back rare fish or seashell species. Until the day, that is, when a strange coral symbiote grafted itself to his skin and started to gradually transform him. He now lives in the sea more than on board ship and Bloodh only ever sends Scubb to get him for boarding or very big fights.


  • Ahkab The Monster: Win 20 rounds with Ahkab.


  • Ahkab's name comes from the literary seaman, Captian Ahab from the novel, Moby Dick.
  • In the later pictures, the coral symbiote resembles what happened to the fictional pirate, Bootstrap Bill.
  • His departure story goes as: "The downtown area of Clint City has always been shared out by the clans. 2 hosts, shadowy all-powerful Oculus soldiers, decide to organize a meeting to bring together and raise a real army against the forces of law and order and the Mafia - in short against the whole of Clint City. Very quickly, the secret meeting gets out of hand because of three curious characters. Symbiotes are nothing new. But the coral symbiote is nothing like the Oculus one...which is more like an incurable virus. One evening, while diving, the harpooner suddenly sees the water's surface darken to a deep red hue. As he comes back up, he then sees what look like long tentacles in the sky. A power failure throws into relief these menacing shapes in the sky ... in a surge of courage and curiosity, they're going to follow these tracks in the sky that seem to lead to an old industrial park..."

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