Held prisoner by McLayton , Aisha longed to feel the warm sun beating down on her soft fur just one more time… But she was beginning to lose hope. However, she hadn’t counted on the appearance of Wardog’s big, muscly, hirsute arms. For during one of his missions, this big-hearted brute liberated and saved the beautiful gazelle in distress. And ever since, an unconditional love has united him with this female now known as Mrs. Wardog.


  • Madame Wardog: Win 20 rounds with Aisha.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • As a 3*, she doesn't take up too much space in a deck.
  • Her base stats of 7/4 are solid. The 7 Power gives her a fighting chance to get the 4 Damage (or 6 with Fury) and 2 Life through.
  • Her Ability negates the Opponent's Bonus which can help her win the round.



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