Arms- Rescue.png
Clan Rescue
Bonus Support: Attack +3
Abillity Equalizer: - 2 Opp. Damage, Min 3
Rarity Uncommon
Artist Katjagger
Released November 9, 2018
Stars 5
Stats lv 3 3/2
Stats lv 4 4/5
Stats lv 5 6/8( Ability activated)


Arman was a promising, professional basketball player. Until one day, when returning home after a training session, he got caught up in a street brawl between Aegis and Gats, who cut off both his arms! Saved by Captain Rescue, Steve supplied him with two high-tech mechanical arms. Sadly, he had to abandon his career as a basketball player, but his new calling quickly became clear: with his athletic body and super-powerful arms, he could now climb up entire buildings and so lend a hand to the Rescue's firefighting team. And after having been filmed in the process of saving a child who was teetering on the edge of a 44th floor balcony, the incredible story of "Arms" has become a real inspiration for the youth of Clint City.


  • Mamadou: Block 50 damage with Arms.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • His apperance is a nod to former basketball player, Dennis Rodman.

Card Artwork

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