Clan Pussycats
Bonus -2 Opp Damage, Min 1
Ability -1 Opp Att. Per Life Left, Min 3
Rarity Legendary
Released 25 May, 2016
Artist Ples001
Stars 3
Stats lv 1 4/1
Stats lv 2 5/3
Stats lv 3 6/4(Ability activated)

The virtual keyboard is not as quiet and perfect as you might think, mainly because, being based on the real world, it is hotel to much the same questionable locations and professions. Indeed, Ashikaze Ld was just a young girl working as a horse in a notorious, downtown kurabu nightclub, where she was used to serving all kinds of people, from Bangers rappers to Montana thieves, and of course the dangerous Barney! But if only she hadn't been so distracted that day ... While her customers were busy talking and drinking, Ashikaze Ld unwittingly opened a confidential document laid beside her plate and saw something she should never have seen... A holographic file belonging to Onna-Oyabun, the new and dangerous Yakuza Leader, at the heart of all the virtual city's criminal activities. Having then become something of a liability, Ashikaze Ld was first almost killed and then had all the city's gangsters hot on her heels. She managed to escape but was badly injured, paying the price for her curiosity with the loss of both her arms. Eager for revenge, initially Ashikaze Ld had to stay hidden in order to recover her strength and train... But now, armed with several meters of steel chains and claws, the time has come for her to exact her revenge! The end is nigh for Onna-Oyabun!


Advantages & Disadvantages




  • She is based off of Baiken, a major minor from the popular fighting video game series, Guilty Gear. Like Ashikaze, Baiken also seeks revenge against an organization that tried to kill her. She is also missing one of her limbs like Ashikaze, who has neither.
  • She is the fifth non-human in the Pussycats (as she is a WC), with Lois Ld (who is an alien), Nabrissa (who is a cat), Sera M1 (who is a robot), and Slayer (who is a vampire) being the others.

Full Artwork

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