Clan La Junta
Bonus Damage +2
Ability Victory or Defeat: Recover 1 Pillz Out Of 3
Rarity Rare
Artist fudgegraphik
Released February 8, 2019
Stars 5
Stats lv 3 3/5
Stats lv 4 8/5 (Ability activated)
Stats lv 5 9/6


Atkinson is part of an ancient race of unknown amphibians. His egg was discovered by Gertrud during a reconnaissance mission in the Melkozu archipelago. He grew up with the La Junta and on reaching adulthood, the clan asked him to use his very special talents to chart the archipelago and sea bed surrounding Clint City. However, after the events that led to the condemnation of Riotspolis, his attitude changed... Faced with the hard reality of the situation, Atkinson realized he needed more strength and technique to properly perform his next missions. After a few weeks of intensive training with Bryan himself, he's now a pretty mean fighter on the ground and practically invincible under water. Naliah, beware!


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