Urban Rivals Wiki

When playing a match of Urban Rivals, a player has four cards in their hand, each one having a certain Power value. When this card is played, the player choses how many Pillz they want to use to 'power up' their card( 1 to 12 Pillz can be used, but there are only 12 Pillz for the whole game, with the minimum extra Pill which is provided every round). For example, if a card has 5 Power and is played with the minimum 1 Pill, it will have an Attack value of 5. If the player uses 2 Pillz, the card will have 5*2= 10 Attack, and so on and so forth. If your card's attack value is higher than that of your opponent's card, then you win the round and your card will deal the amount of Damage that is written on it to the opposing player, reducing their Life points (a standard match will have both players starting with 12 Life). The goal is to have a higher Life count than the opponent or reduce their Life count to 0 by the end of 4 rounds.

Certain cards will have Abilities and Bonuses that boost their Attack Value, like Sentinel cards or Navi. Other cards will aim to lower their opponent's Attack Value, like Uppers cards or Kang. The Raptors clan specialises in nullifying these effects thanks to their Bonus.