Clan Dominion
Bonus Growth: -1 opp power, min 4
Ability Degrowth: attack +4
Rarity Rare
Gender Male
Artist Chahine80
Released April 27, 2018
Retired September 14th, 2020
Stars 5
Stats lv 2 1/1
Stats lv 3 3/4
Stats lv 4 5/6
Stats lv 5 6/7 (ability activated)


Ax Battler, the Barbarian. This Muscle-Bound Little Chibi is a must-have figurine for any Dominion collector. What with the spell cast by the Nightmare witches and the discovery of Pillz, Ax Battler has become the Barbarian who just loves to decapitate his enemies. Figurine n°2 from the Dominion range. Weapons sold separately. Made by Zlatar Toys.


  • Barbarian: Win 7 fights with a knock out from Ax Battler.
  • Berserker: Inflict 200 damage with Ax Battler.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • His name and appearance are taken from the character of the same name from the video game series, Golden Axe.
  • He also bears a resemblance (especially in his earlier levels) to 80s' action figure character, He-Man.
  • His bottle cap cape pin (3rd level) looks like the Pepsi logo.
  • His first apperance is in the Dominion trailer where Kawan is holding one of his figurines.
  • His Cr Announcement went as: "During this time, another fighter is leaving Clint City: Ax Battler! Death Adder has asked the Dominion barbarian to protect his new crazy project: a medieval castle whose two dungeons are each said to be home to a creature from another world..."

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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