KOMBOKA 42.png
Clan Komboka
Bonus +1 Pillz & Life
Ability +5 Atk Per Opp Dmg
Rarity Rare
Artist Chahine80
Released November 15, 2019
Stars 3
Stats lv1 5/1
Stats lv2 5/4 (Ability activated)
Stats lv3 5/6

Sister of the sea, Bahari was always fascinated by her dad's tales of adventure about sea monsters he fought or the green and red comet whose fall he later tracked to the ocean's north-east corner. But years later, and even after having accomplished the impossible by crossing the Waterwall with the help of her sisters, the mystery remains: how can the archipelago move so quickly? Convinced that the answer could be found in the flooded caves of the main island, the sister dived down into the ocean depths, making use of her amazing free-diving skills. And once there, discovered something that no Komboka before her had ever seen: the left eye of a sleeping giant. It was Griffonmor the Powerful, Ymirah's brother, who had been banished by his father for having dared to transmit his power to mortals. And while his hair of lava fed the volcano, his steady breath deformed the rocky floor beneath the feet of the amazed yet terrified Bahari. Ah, if only she had dared wake up the God of fire, she’d have been a truly worthy replacement of her father.


  • Facing the Fire God: Win 66 rounds with the Komboka.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • She is one of the 4 Komboka sisters.
  • In the Swahili language, her name translates to "Sea", which coincides with her faction. 
  • Her second level artwork is a mixture between the Disney character, Moana from the movie of the same name, and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    • It is a mix between Moana's Journey scene to search for Maoi, and Katara's ability to bend water.

Full Artwork

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