Balgenheim, like Moldavie Golochine, is a small town that is supposedly close to Clint City. Like Moldavie Golochine, it is has been featured in the bio of some of the cards. A lot of the cards have immigranted from there to Clint City.


Little is known about Balgenheim, other than it is small town that is located east of Clint City. The city has a possible German origin given the name of some of the characters and how the serial killer (Fritz Haarman) that Vince is based on is also from Germany.

Recently, in the game's storyline, Balgenheim has been conquered by the Vortex and is in the process of being liberated.

Balgenheim is the name of a French little town in Alsace. Alsace is located near Germany, which explains why some characters have German-like names.

In the Night of the Monsters comic, Klaus mentions that there is an asylum located somewhere in Balgenheim.



Characters who have immigrated to or from Balgenheim...

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