Clan Berzerk
Bonus -2 Opp. Life, Min 2
Ability Backlash: -2 Life, Min 2
Rarity Collector
Released 06 May, 2011
Artist phalloide
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 2/1
Stats lv 2 4/2
Stats lv 3 6/4
Stats lv 4 7/6(Ability activated)

Before becoming a Berzerk, Beef was quite an easy-going trucker. So long as he had his CB radio, a few beers and his favorite posters aboard, he wasn't the kind of guy to go looking for trouble. But that’s all changed. Now he’s meatier than his beefiest buddies and flies into a rage at the drop of a hat. And nothing annoys him more than cars customized to the hilt. So if you've got one, be sure not to park it anywhere near the Red One Motel!!

Web comic

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None at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the card


  • He has a base power of 7, which is good for a 4*.
  • His base damage is 6, which is also good.
  • His bonus removes two life from your opponent, which brings his damage up to 8.
  • If you fury with him, his damage increases to 8, which allows you to inflict 10 damage onto your opponent.
  • He is good when going up against GHEIST or Roots, since they cancel out his ability.


  • His ability removes two life from you if you win with him.
  • The minimum for his ability is two, which is low.
  • He is a Rare, so he is difficult to obtain in packs.
  • He is a 4*, so he takes up room in your deck.
  • He has competition from the other 4* in Berzerk.



  • At the end of the teaser video for the clan, one can see a long haired man with a jacket who looks a lot like Beef in his final form.
  • His name is a term (beefcake) to describe men who have a lot of muscles on them, usually by pumping iron at a gym (which Beef became in his later forms).
  • His name is also a skater term to describe a wipeout (which is a reference to the Backlash ability that came with the clan).
  • Beef become Cr with this bio:"After a few difficult months, Beef makes up his mind to get into the dirty business of truck pimping. The call of CRyptocoinz has quickly calmed his rages, and thanks to a scam in customizing stolen vehicles, he's finally going to achieve his childhood dream, that is, buy himself a luxury RV and set out for the Saudi Desert for a retirement of peace and tranquility…"

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