KOMBOKA 42.png
Clan Komboka
Bonus +1 Pillz And Life
Ability Growth: -1 Opp. Life Min 4
Rarity Uncommon
Released June 21, 2019
Artist Sentry
Stars 2
Stats lv 1 4/1
Stats lv 2 8/1(Ability activated)

When she was born, Bekum was a Siamese twin with her brother conjoined to her side. Although the Komboka surgical techniques allowed them to separate the twins and to effectively cauterize the wound, nothing was able to stop the explosion and the death of her brother… Ever since, the clan's traditional tattoos have covered up her scar, but in spite of the passing years, the pain remains the same… To heal herself mentally, Bekum bare-knuckle fights and constantly feels the suffering on her naked skin. She's attracted by the neon lights of Clint City and it's there she discovers the Arcade room! An old arcade machine called the "DeathMatch" that hasn't been working for a very long time, leaves her perplexed. But there’s another game that arouses her curiosity even more… "PunchingHaters". With this game, there's no joystick, just a pair of wired up boxing gloves! Bekum savagely rips the gloves from the machine and leaves the room…ready to test them out in real life.


  • Heterozygus, and yet...: Gain 15 Pillz with Bekum.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • She is the daughter of Jagan.
    • This was confirmed in the NB Mission from September 19, 2019.

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