Bioroids are a race in the Urban Rivals series. Created in the future (Vortex and Hive's timeline), Bioroids are highly advanced robots who have the brains of living creatures transferred into them. These do not have to be human; in fact, members of Jungo and a Yeti have undergone the process. The procedure strengthens the physical and mental abilities but leaves them in a sterile body.

The basic color of their bodies is white with purple and yellow trim (though there are exceptions like Aegis). Some Bioroids still have their original hair attached to their new bodies. There are also adjustments that can be made to help them adapt, like the special coating Hydraereva uses to allow herself to evolve and explore marine environments, or for cosmetic reasons like when C0re added hair to her head in her later levels. According to the game, a Bioroid doesn't need to eat to live, but some choose to just to remind themselves of their old lives.

Hive member, Al-Lycs, is an exception to the clan, since she doesn't have the typical Bioroid body and looks human, which debatably means she might just be a regular robot/android since a real brain was not fully transferred into her.


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