With her brother going missing long ago, it was left to Brianna to take up his room. Working as a hot-blooded mercenary for several years with a notorious A-Team, she accompanied her team to Elektrozoa where she had been sent to put a stop to the spread of the barbie franchise. The mission was a total failure and she only emerged in one piece thanks to a passing commando squad led by her brother. Imagine her surprise to find Bryan as a strapping young lad, so different from how she remembered him! Free at last, she rejoined La Junta with her arsenal of highly combustible family Scotch.


  • Family Scotch: Gain 15 Pillz with Brianna
  • The Flame-Throwing Daisy: Inflict 210 Damages with Brianna
  • Action Girl III: Gain 30 pillz with Brianna in tourney mode (needed to win Gertrud Rb).

Advantages & Disadvantages



  • Brianna is most likely the female counterpart of fellow clanmate Bryan, sharing many similarities with him, and being brother and sister.
  • She could possibly be based off of Merida, the main character from the Disney movie, Brave.
  • Her name and appearance could also be a hint to the character, Brienne of Tarth, from the Song of Ice and Fire Book.
  • Her backstory could be based off of Claire Redfield from Resident Evil.
  • She and fellow clanmate, Milena, are the only two characters with connections with the city of Elektrozova. Coincidentally, both girls were the only ones who made it out alive from there.
  • The "Born to Burn" on the side of her helmet (final level) is a play off the "Born to Lose" slogan (which is also on a helmet) on the cover of the war film, Full Metal Jacket.

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