Kolos, Mechakolos Cr, Uchtul Cr, the Vortex, and the Prophecy of the 5th World… It's impossible to list the number of catastrophes that rain down on Clint City. And although it's all well and good to fight the forces of evil, who's going to protect the innocent victims in the collapsing sky-scrapers, derailed trains and crashing planes? In order to answer that, a novel alliance between Daussone and Campbell has enabled the Rescue clan's most ambitious project yet to finally see the light of day! After having mobilized all the clan's resources over the course of several months, megarobot Buddy is finally ready to save the entire population and protect the architectural integrity of Clint City!


  • Catching a sky-scraper!: Win 40 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Buddy
  • Extreme Robot:Gain 60 Life Points with Buddy

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His base power is 8, which is good for a 5*.
  • His base damage is 5, but becomes 7 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Rescue.
  • His ability increases your life by three if you win with him.
  • His ability also helps to create a gap between you and your opponent.
  • His ability makes him a good bluff, especially if he is played first in a round.
  • He gains his ability at level four, so he is usable then.
  • The clan bonus increases his attack up to 12, which helps in low-pill fights.


  • His base damage is 5, which is low for a 5*.
  • His ability is Courage-based, meaning you only have two chances to activate it. It also makes him predictable.
  • He is weak against SoA, since he cannot increase your life.
  • He is a 5*, so he takes up a lot of room in your deck.
  • He has competition from the other 5* in Rescue.


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