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Clan Ghostown

Day: +1 Pow & Damage

Night: -1 Opp Pow & Damage

Ability Growth: Toxin 1, min 4
Rarity Rare
Released June 23, 2017
Stars 2
Stats lv 1 5/1
Stats lv 2 7/1 (ability activated)


RIP Burton, the barman who claimed to distill the strongest liquor in the land. Then one night, while working on a new, low-cost red eye, the alcohol fumes from his still were so overwhelming that they quickly filled up the cellar where he was working... and boom!


  • RIP Burton: Inflict 40 poison damage with Burton.


He appears in Ghostown Welcome to Purgatory where he works at the saloon and chats with Toro Cr. He tends to save his good stuff for his regulars.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • As a 2*, 7 Power is stunning and will help get his ability through.
  • The fact that the ability is Toxin and not Poison means it will activate on the turn he wins, which is really useful.
  • Despite the minimum being pretty high for a Toxin ability, it is low enough to allow any card with 4 Damage to finish the game off with a KO.
  • The card could be used as a bluff for the opponent waste a SoA card.


The ability works like so (in the scenario that he wins):

  • First round: 1 Damage over 4 rounds =1*4=4
  • Second round: 2*3=6
  • Third round: 3*2=6
  • Fourth round: 4*1=1

This means that the ability is best used in the two middle rounds, but with such a high minimum it might not be used fully anyways, and it renders the card predictable.

  • Having 1 Damage is worthless if the ability is lost: he is extremely predictable and vulnerable to SoA. Risky.


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