Yes! At last! After twenty or so failed attempts – the majority of which cost the lives of dozens of Vortex underlings – Rahi Sledon has finally done it! C Dusk is alive and working! Created from a fragment of artificial crystal bombarded from its molecular formation by gamma rays, he undoubtedly represents the most versatile unit of the imperial troops. Because C Dusk is able independently to modify his own genetic sequence and alone represents the entire Vortex arsenal. And yes, his simple appearance is deceiving, because in fact each of his body parts can, in less than a second, change into a weapon that can bring about nightfall…


  • From Crystal to Dusk: Win 40 fights by finishing with a knock-out from C Dusk
  • It's Alive!: Gain 100 Life Points with C Dusk

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  • This character is the fourth "C" experiment creature of the Vortex.
  • The last evolution was based off of the T-1000 character in Terminator 2, which can change his body form.
  • His last evolution is also a reference to the character, Frieza, in Dragon Ball with its simple design. It also bears some resemblance with Vision from the MARVEL comics.
  • He was released early due to a federal holiday in Urban Rivals' native country of France.
  • The name of his first mission is a nod to the term, "From dawn to dusk."
  • The second mission is a nod to the phrase Dr. Franksenstein shouted in the original Frankenstein movie.

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