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SKEELZ 42 (1).png
Clan Skeelz
Bonus Protection: Ability
Ability -5 Opp Pwr, Min 2
Rarity Rare/Collector
Artist Phalloide
Released July 16, 2009
Stars 5
Stats lv2 3/2
Stats lv3 3/4
Stats lv4 4/6 (Ability activated)
Stats lv5 4/8

No one knows exactly how long Caelus has been running the Academy. But one thing’s for sure, there’s no one living who remembers his predecessor. However, he’s managed to surround himself with the very best teachers and students and although some of his choices can be a little surprising at times, those in the know trust him implicitly.


  • Collective Punishment: Inflict 200 Damages with Caelus
  • Caelus' Heir: Win 1,000 fights with at least 2 Skeelz.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • His damage is 8, which is outstanding for a 5*, since it allows him to 2HKO with almost all of the other members of Skeelz.
  • His ability reduces his opponent's power by 5, which is a lot.
  • The minimum for his ability is 2, which is very low.
  • He receives his ability at level four, so he is playable then.
  • His bonus ensures that his ability stays active, as long as he isn't facing an all stop.


  • His base power is 4, which is very low for a 5*.
  • He is weak when facing cards that reduce his power or attack, like Platinum, Flesh Pimp or Frank.
  • He is vulnerable to clans that manipulate power or attack, such as All Stars or Uppers.
  • He is a 5*, so he takes up a lot of room in your deck.
  • He has some competition from the other 5*s in Skeelz. Unlike the others, he is also permanently banned from ELO.
  • His ability has no effect whatsoever on cards with ability of Protection: Power, which are becoming frequent.


  • Despite being the Headmaster of Skeelz Academy, Caelus is also a teacher of the class for controlling the Mind.
  • Caelus is a take on Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts (the school from the Harry Potter series).
  • He could also be based off of Professor Xavier, who is the Headmaster of the school that he started for students with mutant powers.
  • He is currently the last clan leader who was drawn by Sabrina Thauvin.
  • Caelus is Latin for 'Sky God'.
  • His collector announcement stated that he left Clint City with Robb Mt, so he could take up his hobby of dart throwing.
    • Though the True Detectives comic contradicts this claim, as Robb Mt became Xantiax Robb Cr.
  • A younger version of himself appears in the third level of Waldegrin's card.

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