Calamity Jane 1.png
Clan GhosTown
Bonus Day: +1 Power & DamageNight: -1 Opp Power & Damage
Ability Power Exchange
Rarity Uncommon
Artist Chahine80
Released October 25, 2018
Stars 3
Stats lv1 3/3
Stats lv2 4/4
Stats lv3 5/4 (Ability activated)

RIP Calamity, the cowgirl with a tender heart and the skill and precision of some of the best cowboys. As a committed gambler, she was famous for having never lost a game of Russian roulette. However, madly in love with the croupier "Wild" Holiday, Calamity massacred the entire Spencer Ranch to avenge his death. And so it was with a price on her head that Braxton and his cavalry finally caught up with her one fateful day and killed her in cold-blood.


  • Blue Dead Redemption: Inflict 40 damage with Calamity on tourney mode.

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