RESCUE 42 (1).png
Captain Commando 3.jpg
Clan Rescue
Bonus Support:Attack +3
Ability Stop Opp Ability
Rarity Rare
Artist Chahine80
Released July 5, 2018
Stars 5
Stats lv3 1/1
Stats lv4 8/4
Stats lv5 8/6 (Ability activated)

Police officer, Slade, is one of the people whose life has been affected by Clint City's more seedy elements. While out on a mission, he was seriously injured and left for dead after being shot down in cold blood by the Montanas he was pursuing. They were headed up by some new and very mysterious criminals. Quickly informed of the situation, the members of the Rescue clan's highest ranks seized the opportunity: finally they had their guinea pig and could begin THEIR much-awaited project with this "raw material"… and the operation was a success. With his memory totally purged of any details of his previous life, Slade was connected to a cybernetic body and armed with powerful medicinal tools. Ready for service, he was then sent out onto the terrain, incognito, although some of his old Sentinel teammates are a little suspicious of his true identity...


  • Slade?: Win 7 fights with a knock-out from Captain Rescue in survivor mode.
  • Ex Sentinel: Inflict 200 damage with Captain Rescue.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • His appearance, especially in his fourth level, is based off of Robocop.
  • Interestingly, Captain Rescue's original form, Slade, was released July 12, 2018, a week after his release.

Full Artwork

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