BERZERK CHANG N1 HD 673 (1).png
Clan Berzerk
Bonus -2 Opp. Life, Min 2
Ability Equalizer: -1 Opp Pow. & Dam., Min 3
Rarity Common
Released 15 March, 2019
Artist Katjagger
Stars 2
Stats lv 1 4/1
Stats lv 2 5/2(Ability activated)

After all these years, Vryer had planned on covering up the Xantiax affair to avoid any pointless confrontations. However, this wasn't how the Eye saw things.. As far as they were concerned, this wonderful tool for enslaving the human soul was bound to still have it uses! And after being alerted to the possibility that the effects of the gas could be overcome through meditation, the secret organization recruited Chang, to continue to release it on regular basis into the Red One Motel... ensuring that no one could ever stop being a Berzerk! Not even Chang himself...

Advanatages and Disadvantages




  • Agent X: Inflict 25 damage with Chang.


  • In his second level artwork, a tattoo can be seen on his right arm, which showed his affiliation with The Eye, before his transformation.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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