Chip 01.png
Clan Hive
Bonus Equalizer: -3 Opp Attack, Min 5
Ability Defeat: -1 Opp Pillz, Min 3
Rarity Common
Artist Rudyles
Released November 10, 2016
Stars 2
Stats lv1 4/1
Stats lv2 6/3 (Ability activated)


The spacecraft crash seriously damaged chief engineer, Chip's body, although for him that was nothing new. As a Hive member since its beginnings, he's always been on the front line when it comes to repairing bits of spacecraft and leading the resistance against enemy collisions. And it's almost impossible to get rid of him: Chip will always find a way to unearth a few spare parts to patch himself up and return to the fray!


  • Call Me Chip: Remove 5 pillz from your opponent with Chip.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • His name is a play off the word, microchip (AKA integrated circuit).
  • His appearance is based of off Bastion, a character from the popular online role-playing game, Overwatch.

Full Artwork

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