When Nahema and Greow started to perform rock music together, it was simple: voice and acoustic guitar. But as time passed, their music started progressing more and more towards hard rock. They needed another instrument to accompany Nahema's new electric guitar, and that's where Cindy came in handy! The young cheetah had always had a passion for percussion instruments... And with an entire zoo cheering for you, going from a single drum to a full drum set is a breeze! But maybe her drumming is becoming a little too fast... Greow will have to do his best to keep his vocals up to speed!


  • Badum-Tssssss!: Gain 45 life points with Cindy


She and her band do a gig in the Hellfire Club in the comic, 50 Shades of Gheist. Since she's in the shadows, it's hard to tell what level she's at.

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  • Her profile is a nod to how cheetahs are the fastest animal on land.
  • Her name comes from rock and jazz drummer, Cindy Blackman.

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