One of the few offical locations to have a continuing storyline, the new Clint City Subway was first mentioned in Gail Ld's fifth LD release (April 25, 2014).


  • Gail's LD: "Gail is always on the alert when juicy gossip comes to her attention. All it takes is for the name Jimmy to be mentioned in connection with building Clint City's next subway line and she immediately sees the potential for a news story which will almost certainly involve embezzlement by the Government and others. The hunt for the big scoop is on!"
  • Investigations and Disturbances (New Blood release): "While the Sentinel continue their investigation into the Montanas’ embezzlement of funds in the construction of Clint City’s new subway system, the Bangers have organized a large protest against part of their neighborhood being destroyed by the construction site. And although the demo will be accompanied by massive concerts, disruption is still possible."
  • Beasts (Event): "The recent construction works awakened Kolos and once again havoc rules over Clint City streets. To be able to keep the construction works going, the Polit asked the Gheist to lend their Mechakolos to hold Kolos away from town."
  • Breaking News: The building for the Clint City Subway causes an explosion that devastates and entire district. Four mysterious people as seen (unharmed) emerging from the crater that was made.
  • The Riots are in Town: (New Blood Release) The Riots Clan makes their first appearance.
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