Albatrosses fly over the pirate ships, free as the wind. Some of the more suspicious Piranas believe they are bringers of bad luck but Coleridge has been studying them for a long time and has finally managed to create a flying machine that works in almost the same way as them, except it uses up a lot more charcoal.


  • The Albatross Blow: Inflict 200 Damage with Coleridge (actual in July 2014)

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • With his ability he gains one power for every member of his clan present, so if the player's entire hand consists of Piranas he will have an 8 power.
  • He has a good 6 damage, allowing for 2HKOs with other members of the clan.
  • His bonus stops the opponent's bonus, therefore preserving his ability against Roots and GHEIST.


  • SOA kills him.
  • He's a 4*, so he takes up a good amount of room in a deck.


Card Artwork

Full Artwork

Urban rivals coleridge by vanoxymore-d3j55n7.jpg

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