Born from the disastrous alloy of thermonium and pure glass in Pr Cushing's lab, a creature, with no shape of its own, emerged from Riotspolis, heeding the pull of the Empire Portal. As she made her way through Clint City, all the while trying to mimic both animals and humans, she caused a wave of panic on this Halloween night, raising fears of a new attack of an Uchtulian magnitude. Without pausing, she crept up to the portal and transported herself to the future. Once there, she headed towards the largest source of glass: Rahi Sledon's laboratory. The latter could barely contain his astonishment at the sight of this new form of glass with a new kind of awareness! As well as giving herself the name Cristalys and taking on the looks of one of Dregn's concubines, the mysterious creature also seemed capable of controlling glass creatures without the need for a control box. Although fascinating, this paints an alarming picture...


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  • She may be based off of the 1982 sci-fi horror film, The Thing, which is about an extraterrestrial lifeform that assimilates other beings and imitates them.
  • Her name comes from the second stage of a butterfly's metamorphosis, known as a Chrysalis, hence her ability to transform into a human in throughout her levels.
  • According to Bose's bio, her crystals are poisonous and even deadly.
  • She is also the reason for Pr Cushing Cr's departure from Clint City.

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