Cybil hadn't been able to have any kind of social life because, wherever the Cyclops ventured, mobs of hysterical humans turned up armed with torches and pitchforks to hunt her down — which in turn led to all number of needless deaths and fires. Saddened by this sorry state of affairs, Cybil decided to go and live in the desert, far from the eyes of the world, hunting sand trolls for reasons of hygiene. But this tranquility was only to last a hundred years or so, as she was then forced to return to Clint City by the sudden arrival of the Raptors. Fortunately, the Nightmare manor welcomes all manner of prehistoric creatures and now Cybil finally has the chance to shine in Ielena's sophisticated soirees. All she has to do is strike down the odd unwelcome human with a thunderbolt from time to time...always for reasons of hygiene of course!


  • The Evil Eye!: Inflict 40 Damages with Cybil

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  • Her artwork is based off of Turanga Leela, one of the main characters from the popular comedy series, Futurama.

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