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You might think the DJs that play at the Bangers' Hip Hop concerts are just some guys putting on a few sample tracks in the background... But you’d be wrong. Take DJ Lberto, for instance. Thanks to his ultra-elaborate scratch combos, he's pushed his vinyls to the limit in the search to create new sounds. And that was okay in that it only affected his records. But now he’s taken to turntablism, the entire mixing table has become a victim of his on-going quest to produce one-off sounds. And this is how his "four hand" technique came into being and now he no longer needs the big name stars to fill the neighborhood's underground halls! There's just one concern… The cost of the equipment that always ends up being sacrificed to the DJ’s creative genius.


  • Scratch It !: Gain 25 pillz with DJ Lberto

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His bonus adds 2 power to him, making him a possible 8/2.
  • If you lose with him you can get 2 pillz back with a fairly high maximum of 10, which is good.


  • His ability has a maximum, which many cards of similar abilities don't have.
  • SOB makes him quite weak.
  • His base damage of 2 is quite low.


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