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Clan GhosTown

Day: Pow. And Damage +1

Night: -1 Opp Pow. And Damage, Min1


Day: Confidence: +1 Life Per Damage

Night: Revenge: +1 Life Per Danage

Rarity Rare/Collector
Released August 17, 2017
Retired March 04th, 2020
Artist MattMoro
Stars 2
Stats lv 1 8/1
Stats lv 2 8/2(Ability activated)

RIP Dakota, who’d abandoned his tribe and his dignity for the white man’s firewater. One evening, while drinking and gambling, he lost not only his last penny but also his life when he choked after being covered in tar and feathers by a crazed crowd.


  • The Searchers: Win 500 life points with Dakota.


  • Dakota is the event character of "Hawk VS Marshal", where his descendant, Hawk, found out about the humiliating and painful death of his ancestor and decided to fight Marshal for Dakota's honor. The fight resulted in Hawk winning.
    • Just before Hawk was about to deliver the final blow, Dakota stopped his descendant and told him that murder would not bring him peace since he had already found it in GhosTown.
  • His name comes from a tribe of Native Americans known as the Dakota tribe. This could mean that both he and Hawk are members of it.
  • "Firewater" was what the Native Americans called alcohol, which was brought over by white settlers. Due to Dakota's people having a lower physical tolerance to it, this often lead to alcoholism.
  • His mission comes from the western of the same name.
  • Tarring and Feathering was a common punishment/torture from the late American colony/early American Revolution era. What it involves is getting covered in hot tar, then covered with a layer of chicken feathers, which was normally fatal either by the burning or suffocation from the tar.
  • His Cr announcement went as: The GhosTown transformations are quite astonishing, with the dead being brought back to life through the flaming energy breathed into them by the God of Death. Amongst them is Dakota who the Eye has taken a particular interest in. If a tar parasite can survive inside a body, then why not an organ from the God of Corruption? After having financed the latest Vortex experiments, the Eye is now bribing Judge Lynch so they can take Dakota away from Purgatory to a lab far from prying eyes…
  • His appearance in his second level are based off of the Shoggoth, monsters from the Cthulhu Mythos.

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