Urban Rivals Wiki


Damage is one of the two stats that are written on a Character's card, along with Power. It determines how much Life the card will remove if and when it wins one of the four rounds. For example, Pan is a character with 3 Damage, therefore the opponent's life count will drop from 12 to 9. The goal of the game is to either have more health than your opponent by the end of the 4 rounds, or KO them (by bringing their life count down to 0) before they do unto you.

Abilities and Bonuses.

Certain cards have abilities that boost their own Damage, like Quinzel or Beetenka. La Junta and Fang Pi Clang are clans that give themselves 2 additional Damage.

Other cards have Abilities that reduce the enemy's Damage, such as Alexandrea or Uranus. These cards are called Damage reducers. The Pussycats clan has a Bonus which reduces the enemy's damage by 2, to a minimum of 1.

A few cards have the capability of Stopping any Damage modification (this includes Buffs and Nerfs from either card's Ability or Bonus), such as Pandora or Ymirah.