Die Hard is an event for Urban Rivals.


Okay, guys…
A group of lunatics has decided to attack the Oculus Plaza, the brand-new skyscraper located on the crossroads between the Fang Pi Clang and Montana neighborhoods.
How do I know this? Easy! Lieutenant McLain is already at the scene, alone…
He was invited to open the Communications Division on the top floor, headed up by, guess who? Yep, you’ve got it…his wife, of course...
We all know Jon here, and things are sure to kick off… So, can I please ask you to make your way to the scene, infiltrate the situation and give Jon all the backup he needs…

Your instructions:
- Arrest these terrorist jokers, especially the mastermind behind it all, known as “Gruber”, an ex-villain who now heads up several murky-looking organizations…
- Retrieve the booty of stolen CRypto
- Rescue the hostages, one of whom is Jon’s wife, Homy.

Start Date: October 18, 2018


Inflict as much damage as possible in the FREE FIGHT room with the Sentinel, La Junta and the Rescue clans.
The “58 minutes to live” mission: bring down the Uppers terrorist and get back the stolen CRyptocoinz
BEWARE: at any moment, you could be challenged by number one terrorist, Gruber. Catch him and free Homy!

You could also be one of the very first to get hold of Homy before her New Blood release on November 2nd!

Gauge of damages - Rewards for all the players who joined the event:
1.000.000 - 1 Credit, 100 CryptoCoinz, Homy 5.000.000 - 3 Credits, 300 CryptoCoinz, Homy 10.000.000 - 5 Credits, 500 CryptoCoinz, Homy 20.000.000 - 10 Credits, 1000 CryptoCoinz, Homy 30.000.000 - 15 Credits, 1500 CryptoCoinz, Homy If you will exceed by a lot the 30 Millions, maybe something more will arrive...


  • The plot to the event is a nod to the film by the same name.
  • The name of the side missions, 58 Minutes to Live, comes from the novel that the Die Hard series creator wrote. (That was also used as the plot for Die Hard 2.
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