RIOTS 42 (1).png
Clan Riots
Bonus Victory Or Defeat: +1 Pillz
Ability Growth: Damage +1
Rarity Uncommon
Released January 10, 2019
Artist Grelin
Stars 2
Stats lv 1 2/1
Stats lv 2 8/1(Ability activated)

Before the great flood, Dinklage used his flame-thrower to clean up the underground passages of Riotspolis of just about everything in there. He was both a garbage collector and a protector of his clan. He took care of what needed to be done and did it well… But since going over ground, the clan mainly used him to help soothe the pain felt from the loss of Pericles Mt. Having gone slightly mad, Dinklage regularly fills up his tank so he can go about burning anything that crosses his path. "The best way to stop feeling bad and hurting inside is to hurt others."


  • Merweiss made him a little crazy: Inflict 500 damage with the Riots.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He is based off of Tyrion Lannister, one of the central characters from the popular drama series, Game of Thrones. His name is taken from Lannister's actor, Peter Dinklage.

Card Artwork

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