Born into a family of circus performers, Dolores quickly became an accomplished acrobat. But her expensive tastes lead her away from life on the road and into the folds of the Pussycats whose lifestyle suits her better. Agile and discrete, she infiltrates the clan's enemies' HQs to lift their valuables to pay for the Pussycats' parties.


Advantages & Disadvantages


  • She has 5 damage, which can become 7 with fury, allowing for you to 2HKO with her.
  • Her bonus reduces your opponent's damage by 2 with a low min of 1.
  • Her ability reduces your opponent's attack by 5, with a low minimum of 5.


  • Her power is five, which is low.
  • SOA and SOB can really hurt her.
  • She has competition from other 3 stars in Pussycats.


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