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Taken in by Bodenpower, Doug Snop was a really cute, smart dog who was loved by all the kids in the neighborhood. But after hanging out too much with Blaaster and Randal, Doug Snop is starting to display some strange habits for a dog: he wears a T-shirt and cap and stands up on his hind legs when there are some good sounds going down. The kids say they've even heard him bark out the words to the latest Dud Z hit…


  • Doggy Dog: Gain 20 pillz with Doug Snop

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His base power is 7, which is high for a 2*.
  • His base damage is 2, but becomes 4 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Bangers.
  • His ability gives you pillz back after you win with him.
  • His ability makes him a good bluff to use against your opponent.
  • The clan bonus increases his power by two, making him a potential 9/2.
  • He is a 2*, so he makes room in your deck.


  • His base damage is 2, which is low, though normal for a 2*.
  • He is weak against SoA, since he loses his ability.
  • He is also weak against damage reduction, since his damage is low.
  • His ability is useless in the later rounds of the fight.
  • He has competition from the other 2* in Bangers.


  • His name is a parody and an anagram of famous rapper and icon, Snoop Dogg.
  • He is one of the few animals who are not part of the Jungo.
  • He is one of four dogs in the game (the others are Jose Star of the Uppers, Argos of the Riots and William of the Sentinel).
  • His mission's name comes from a line in Snoop Dogg's song, "Who I Am (What's My Name)".
  • The breed of dog Doug Snop is based on is a Doberman.
  • The name of his mission ("Doggy Dog") is a nod to the phrase, "Ce soir, Snoop Dogg! Snoop Doggy Dogg! Alors qu'est-ce qu'on attend?", which was said by a young man on French TV and made a flop. The statement can be translated to mean, "Tonight Snoop Dogg! Snoop Doggy Dogg! What are we waiting for?".

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