Contrary to what you might think, the Montana are pretty generous when it comes to granting loans to the destitute who come knocking on their doors. Fabio is also very good at writing clauses in particularly small print, especially clauses listing the types of possible repayment methods. Because although Dr Elisa sometimes takes care of small mishaps that the authorities needn’t know about, her main job is to accompany Angelo to remove bad payers's valuable assets in lieu of reimbursement… To do that, Don has complete confidence in Dr Elisa's calm and ability to keep her cool. She is perfectly capable of recuperating the gross value without any waste.


  • Interest on Arrears: Do 35 Poison Damage with Dr Elisa

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Her bonus reduces the opponent's attack by 12 with a low min of 8, which helps in low-pill fights an compensates for her low base power.
  • Her ability is Toxin 1, with an extremely low min of 0. Also, because it's toxin it goes into affect immediately after winning with her, making it seem like she deals a 5 damage the first round.


  • She has a low power of 6.
  • A 4 power isn't particularly special.
  • SOB greatly injures her chance of winning the round.
  • SOA removes her main purpose.


  • Her bio is based off of the sci-fi action film, Repo Men.

Card Artwork

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