When Ielena found out a mysterious black warrior had destroyed her home castle and slaughtered her family in Poldachia-Golgovina, she couldn't believe her ears! The only survivor of the family was Dragomir, her older brother, lucky enough not to be home when it happened. Both blinded by rage, the siblings reunited in Clint City: whoever did this will pay, and everyone will tremble under of Ielena and Dragomir ruthless blows!


  • Ielena's brother…: Gain 100 Life Points with Dragomir
  • and Slayer's archenemy!: Win 30 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Dragomir


Dragomir appears in his final level form in the story, Dominion, where he teases Ielena about bringing shame to the family due to drinking stuff that isn't blood. She pays his words no mind.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • He has 9 Power, which is great.
  • He can create a life gap of 8 Life points, or 12 Life points if Fury is activated, turning the game in the player's favor.
  • His Bonus helps him win fights more often and protects him against Roots and GHEIST.
  • His Ability activates at level 4, making him a usable 8/3 with that Ability, which is also amazing, and definitely has a place in T1 decks.


  • His base Damage of 4 is decent without the Ability.
  • This makes him vulnerable to SoA.
  • The Ability is only useful once the player has taken some Damage. This can make the card a little predictable.


  • His first level appearance is based off of Count Orlok while the second is a nod to the 1990's film version of Dracula.
    • Much like, Dracula, drinking blood also makes Dragomir younger and better-looking.
  • His character was first alluded to in a Colosseum event where it was mentioned that Ielena and a number of the other members of Nightmare were acting testy.
  • He is the first Vampire in the Nightmare clan since his little sister Ielena almost a decade prior.
  • His 9/4 stats align, rather ironically, with Slayer, who was released a month later.
  • He is the vampire that infected Slayer, who is out hunting for him. Their releases are also almost exactly one month apart.
  • According to the New Blood release on May 25th, 2018, he has replaced his sister, Ielena Cr, as the leader of the Nightmare.

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