From the same generation, Frozn doctor, Drak still addresses Brok as "my Lord" in memory of their shared past in the bosom of the Frozenra kingdom. But although he is very able, old Drak is not the calm and collected sort. This veritable warrior from times gone by is the man who put young Thorpah through his paces and taught him all he knew so as to pass on the Frozenra ways to the next generation. And just when he thought he could finally sit back and see out his last days in the comfort of his surgery, an invisible enemy has turned up: Eleanore and Arlene's contamination coupled with Nunavik's strange condition have forced the old-timer to ask for Tiwi's help and to get out his old books on the legends of Mount Glatz to work out just what is behind all this trouble threatening the entire village!


  • Frozenra Warrior: Gain 50 Heal Life Points with Drak
  • Protector of the Frozn Village: Inflict 120 Damages with Drak

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He is one of the four Frozn male yeti's to not have 'pah' in his name, with Tiwi Ld, Lowki and Brok, being the others.
  • Originally, there was a typo on the card that said Regen 16, max 16 for his ability.

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