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Having class is a real must-have for the rappers in the Bangers, who always feel they must be one step ahead of their peers in the style ranks. For Dud Z, class is above all a question of puffa jackets and the most fly-looking gear. As a result, he’s known as the rapper who always lays it on thick.


  • For One More Jacket: Win 10 rounds with Dud Z
  • Dayum III: Inflict 50 damage in ELO mode with Dud Z.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His base power is 6, which is good for a 3*.
  • His base damage is 5, which is also good.
  • His ability gives you three pillz back if his ability is canceled, which makes him good to play against GHEIST and Roots.
  • He makes a good bluff to have when you are facing GHEIST or Roots.
  • The clan bonus gives him an extra two power, which makes him a potential 8/5.


  • He is weak against SoB, since he must stick with his base power.
  • His ability is Stop, which means it only works if it has been canceled. It also makes him predictable.
  • He is weak against damage reducers.
  • He has competition from the other 3* in Bangers.


  • His name is possibly based off of Shawn Carter, who's rapping name is Jay-Z.
  • His name is a play on the slang word for 'duds', which is a ghetto term for 'clothes'.

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