El Gascaro lived a life of crime within the Diabolos gang. This directionless gang terrorized downtown Los Santos until the day "El Divino" restored peace to the streets. El Gascaro was then left with no choice but to capitulate and accept the punishment imposed upon him by the legendary fighter, which was to gaily enter the ring wearing a clown's mask to atone for his sins.


  • Gascaro Punk Driver!: Inflict 60 damage with El Gascaro
  • Diablos Gang: Inflict 200 damage with El Gascaro.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His base damage is 6, which is good for a 4*.
  • His ability gives you three life back if you lose with him.
  • His ability helps to boost the attack of his clan.
  • His ability subtracts the amount of damage done to you.
  • He makes a good bluff against your opponent since they won't know whether to pill or not.
  • The clan bonus increases his attack by the amount of life you have, which helps in low-pill fights.


  • His base power is 6, which is low for a 4*.
  • His ability is Defeat, meaning you must take damage for it to activate. His ability also makes him a bit predictable.
  • He is weak against SoA, since he loses his chance to get life back.
  • His ability is less useful in the later rounds.
  • He is a 4*, so he takes up room in your deck.
  • He has competition from the other 4* in Huracan.


  • On his chest in his final level, the term "LOL" is tattooed on his chest, which stands for: Laughing Out Loud.

Card Artwork

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