A few years ago, cock fighting was the most popular sport in Los Santos after la Lucha libre. It was entirely controlled by the government who oversaw the betting in these fights to the death of chickens maxed out on GHEIST pillz. When the dictatorship came to an end, cock fighting was banned and, after a period of readjustment, the survivors of this era returned to normal farm life. All except Ernie, that is… This fighting cock was probably the most exceptional fighter these bloody arenas had known. Unable to stop fighting, the bird was retrieved by Pandagran who trained the crazy animal to become the first feathered luchador. But be warned! El Papa Gallo will tear your feathers out!


  • Vuelo del Pollo Hermano: Win 15 rounds with El Papa Gallo

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  • He is the first non-human member to join the Huracan.
    • He is also another semi-humanoid animal not associated with the Jungo.
  • His name means 'father rooster' in Spanish.
  • He is the third Huracan member to have a chicken motif in some way, with Mister Pollo and Petit Coq being the others.

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