Clan Huracan
Bonus +1 Attack per Life left
Ability Courage: Protection: Power and Damage
Rarity Rare
Artist MathiasNinot
Released August 3, 2017
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 1/6
Stats lv 2 2/6
Stats lv 3 4/6
Stats lv 4 7/6 (Ability activated)


Some wrestlers are more despicable than others and as a result are banned from the ring by Noctezuma for not respecting the luchadores' code. So, making the most of Noctezuma's absence, El Parasito has made a comeback. He's one of very worst of them all, cheating, faking and whimpering all through the fight only to finish up by feasting upon his poor victims...


  • Chupa Chupa!: Win 15 rounds with El Parasito.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • As a 4*, 7 Power is good.
  • 6 Damage is also really good, since it easily allows 2HKOs with other Huracan members.
  • His Ability makes him invulnerable to Damage and Power reduction.
  • His Bonus allows him to gain a few extra Attack in lower Pillz battles.


  • His Ability is Courage-based, so it only happens for half the match and is predictable the other half.
  • He is a beat stick: he doesn't have any additional effects like Poison or -Opp Life.
  • His Ability doesn't help against Cancel Abilities.
  • His main weakness is cards that can both nullify his Ability and reduce his Damage and Power, such as Rekt Ld, Yayoi Cr, or Jeena.


  • His name, in Spanish, translates to 'The Parasite', which fits his artwork and bio.
  • The part of his bio which talks about him using foul play to win is based off of on how 'heels' (or 'rudo' in Lucha Libre), bad guys in wrestling, normally act in order to win their matches.
  • In the later levels, his mouth resembles that of a parasitic fish known as a lamprey.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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