Nothing much is known about Elektrozoa, other than in its early days, it was known to be a beautiful, prosperous city that was ruled by a Yakuza family known as The Red Dragon (ruled by Dokuja Ld). Now, it is under quarantine, due to a sudden zombie outbreak. 

Brianna's profile mentions she was with her team at the zombie-infested city to stop the zombies; only Brianna made it out alive thanks to a La Junta commando squad led by her brother, Bryan.

Phillips' profile might imply that he could be the infestation's patient zero.

Spade's profile seems to indicate that Xantiax Gas had a role in the infestation. This hypothesis seems likely since Gaines confirmed Xantiax has the ability to resurrect corpses.

In Lucky's profile, it is mentioned that the Nana Litchie company (or at least the local branch of the company), may have been responsible for the zombie outbreak, in which she retaliated by reducing the building to cinders, resulting in her arrest and membership in the Raptors clan.

In Shann and Grudj's MT announcement, it states that the outbreak has been currently going on for at least 9 years.



  • It is possibly based off of Racoon City from the popular video game series, Resident Evil.
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