PARADOX 42.png
Clan Paradox
Bonus Asymmetry: Damage +3

Level 3: -12 Opp. Attack, Min 5

Level 4: Power +3

Level 5: Stop Opp. Ability

Rarity Rare
Released June 03, 2020
Artist Godtail
Stars 5
Stats lv 3 8/4(First ability activated)
Stats lv 4 8/5(Second ability activated)
Stats lv 5 9/6(Third ability activated)

The intimidating Alpheus Enigma is a colossal figure in the world of contemporary art and has been recruited by the Government as a Curator to run an experimental space, the concept of which is somewhere between a church and a modern art museum. Enigma is careful to direct these twisted minds toward a new destiny...a collection of men/objects in what will be his most accomplished work to date: the Museum, the place of "eternal life". Out of principle, no interview is ever it not a paradox to ask who he is to a man who has so many sides to him? Just settle for seeing him as the transgression of the borders between art and therapy as seen by the simple people of Clint City... He is a man both in tune with his city, a funeral god for his own clan, and the masterpiece of his own ego.


  • A man in tune with his city: Win 100 rounds in tourney mode.
  • A funeral god for his own clan: Inflict 666 damage.
  • And the masterpiece of his own ego: Win 40 fights through knock-out in survivor mode.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Enigma makes a brief apperance in "We Are Never Alone" where he mentions that the "corrupted ones" and the government are just puppets.


  • He is the first card in UR who has a different ability for each of his levels.
    • He is also one of the few cards in UR who has his ability from the start.
  • His fourth level artwork is based off of the Egyptian god, Anubis.
    • His appearance was foreshadowed in Leonaparte's bio.
    • His nickname, 'Jackal', is a nod to the fact Anubis takes the form of one.
  • His name, "Enigma", is a term used for people, who are mysterious, puzzling, or hard to understand, fitting with Enigma's whole appearance and behavior being a whole mystery.
  • He is one of the few 5* clan leaders to not start at Level 1.
  • As stated in Alucard's bio, Enigma uses deals with other clans to recruit new members for the clan, although those deals and how they look like are unknown.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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