Being a firefighter in Riotspolis was not particularly exciting. Apart from some failed exploding experiments or the odd landslide, things were pretty quiet for fire chief, Fastbender, who saw his team slowly dwindle with each passing day. But the discovery of thermonium put an end to the fire station's tranquility once and for all! The ravages of this highly explosive material were a real problem for the fire chief, who had to put all his past experience with Boomstock into action to create a material that was resistant to the ore's strange flames. He also called on Lenora to develop a product able to smother the terrible fires caused by thermonium. Now led by Fastbender and heavily equipped, the noble Riotspolis firefighters have risen from the ashes!


  • Lenora-Style Extinguisher: Inflict 60 Damages with Fastbender

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  • His name is based off of German-Irish actor, Michael Fassbender. His cowboy look might be a nod to Fassbender's comic book cowboy film, Jonah Hex.
  • He was released a day early due to Christmas being on the normal day of release.

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