Clan Hive
Bonus Equalizer: -3 Opp Attack, min 5
Ability Equalizer: -1 Opp Power, min 4
Rarity Rare
Released August 3, 2017
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 3/2
Stats lv 2 4/3
Stats lv 3 5/4
Stats lv 4 6/5 (Ability activated)


Blam, Paf! Listen to my Flow, the latest "Synthetic Gansta" to rock the soul of the Ghetto! Back from the future, Karl's soul guides my fist and I'll land it where I want. I'm more likely to swallow my transistors than my pride.


  • Synthetic Gansta: Win 10 fights with a knock out from Fisty Cent.
  • Candy Shop: Inflict 80 damage with Fisty Vents.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • 5 Damage (or 7 with Fury) is enough to 2HKO with other Hive members.
  • The minimum for his Ability is 2 Power under his, meaning that he can get the opponent considerably lower, and paired with his Bonus, the enemy will have a very hard time winning.
  • Against a fellow 4*, he can make an 8 Power go to 4, which is a huge jump. Since higher Power tends to be accompanied by higher star count, he should fare just fine (not many 2* go higher than 6 or 7 Power)


  • As a 4*, 6 Power isn't that high, so without his Ability he will struggle.
  • A card like Zaria that Cancels both his Ability and Bonus, or an All-Stop like Glorg greatly reduces the strengths of this card.
  • Cards like Caelus Cr and Platinum will not be affected and will instead turn Fisty Cent's low Power against him.
  • A Damage reducer like Uranus or Clover render this card useless, since he is just a beat stick.


  • His name is taken from the world-renowned rapper, 50 Cent.
  • His gauntlet in his 3rd and 4th artwork are based off of the gauntlet that Doomfist, a character in the popular video game, Overwatch, wears.
  • His bio could be a nod to the 2009 version of Bionic Commando where the soul of the hero's wife lives inside his mechanical arm.
  • The second mission is a nod to 50 Cent's song, Candy Shop.
  • There are design parallels between Fisty Cent and Karl, with the idea of giant metallic gauntlets, and similar artwork.

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