After having travelled the world on foot, Flora has decided she'd like to give all the inhabitants of Clint City an insight into the marvels of nature. Thanks to her many voyages, she has more than enough arguments to make her point. And if that doesn't do it, several smacks over the head with her spirit-stirring placards should wrap things up nicely. Come what may, she certainly won’t leave her listeners indifferent!


  • Nature Has Rights!: Gain 30 Life Points with Flora

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Her base power is 5, which is good for a 2*.
  • Her base damage is 3, but becomes 5 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Roots.
  • Her ability gives you two life back, after you've lost with her.
  • Her ability helps to set up other card's abilities.
  • Her ability also makes her useful as a damage reducer, since she subtracts the amount of damage done to you.
  • Her ability also makes her a good bluff to use.
  • The clan bonus cancels an opposing card's ability, unless they are part of Nightmare, Piranas or Skeelz.
  • She is a 2*, so she makes room in your deck.


  • Her base damage is 3, which is low, though normal for a 2*.
  • She is weak against SoA, since she loses her ability.
  • At times, she can be predictable.
  • Her ability is useless if she is facing a card with enough damage to KO you.
  • She has competition from the other 2* in Roots.

Strategy & Tactics




  • Flora's name refers to plants of a particular region or period, listed by species and considered as a whole which fits in with the character's nature-related travels.

Card Artwork

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