Mission log: To find the deserter that betrayed us, infiltrating in our headquarters and disclosing outside our combat secrets. To eliminate the target without leaving clues that could lead someone to you. IMPORTANT: Do not harm any civilian in the process. Our last reports say the target was spotted in company of some Roots few weeks ago. I expect nothing but an astounding success from a sniper of your caliber. PS: Before your depart, get in touch Naginata: she has a new advanced Railgun ready for you. PPS: stop drinking, it makes your hands tremble. - Bryan


  • A brand new Railgun: Win 30 rounds with Floyd
  • Action Girl V: Win 40 rounds with Floyd in elo mode (needed to win Gertrud Rb).

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  • The target mentioned in his bio is more than likely Burdock, who spent many long months with La Junta, before returning to the Roots.

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