During this year's Junkz Big Summer Rave, a little creature slipped through the frenzied throngs and took refuge under the bar. Once there the little otter glugged down the dregs of some discarded cans of Red Dragon. As you can imagine, the effects of Sentogan's brew on the little animal were quite extreme... The overexcited otter then accidentally switched the foam machine to tsunami mode and all of a sudden the dance floor was immersed in a tidal wave of bubbles. In the midst of all of this, the otter zoomed through the water turning somersaults and double somersaults to the rhythm of D4 Funk, conjuring up a fantastic atmosphere. Completely worn out by the end of the night, the cute little animal was rescued by Dawn who christened it Flux and decided to keep it to liven up future parties. So, it looks as if foam nights will never be the same again!


  • A Tsunami of Foam: Win 15 rounds with Flux
  • For the love of art II: Win 20 rounds with Flux (31 May 2016 - 1 July 2016)

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His base power is 6, which is good for a 2*.
  • His base damage is 2, but becomes 4 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Junkz.
  • His ability removes one power from your opponent after each round, meaning he could remove up to four power in the last round.
  • The minimum of his ability is lower than his base power.
  • The clan bonus gives you extra eight attack, which helps in low-pill fights.
  • He is a 2*, so he makes room in your deck.


  • His base damage is 2, which is low, though normal for a 2*.
  • The minimum for his ability is five, which is high.
  • SoA takes away his chance to decrease his opponent's power.
  • He has competition from the other 2* in Junkz.


  • Though the bio refers to Flux as "it", it was later offically stated that Flux is male.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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